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Cynthia Bailey has a "different perspective" of what happened between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore during the dramatic "RHOA" cast trip in Greece. She teased these details in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

When it comes to NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moores feud in Greece, there is more than you can imagine. At least this is what Cynthia Bailey 53 thinks about, what she talked about in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife on March 26th! "To be honest, a few things have happened that you can't see everything," Cynthia revealed. However, what the fans saw was pretty volatile: at some point during their explosive fight on the cast trip, it looked like NeNe was trying to spit on Kenya!

Regardless of this, history always has two sides – and in this case a third one! "So I have a different perspective, just what was shown and what things might not have succeeded," continued Cynthia. Although she didn't clearly capture these exact details behind the scenes, they weren't enough to get her to choose a "team or team". It remains in the neutral zone.

"My goal this season was to change friendships or at least find a respectful place with someone I had a problem with," Cynthia told HollywoodLife . "So that the other friendships with the other ladies grow. I have a great relationship with most of the girls on the show, which is a great place. And I want to keep it that way because I'm in a happy place and not … I have no desire to just make up for anything and just stay angry and eat beef with someone for free. "

NeNe and Kenya will face each other again at the RHOA reunification, which was postponed due to the corona virus. And these two ladies, of which Cynthia admitted that they are the "only two people" with whom she "really" has to "break up or just have a conversation". Cynthia tried to act as NeNe and Kenya's mediator on the trip to Greece, and at the end called everyone to a "community" at one of the cast meals. Kenya insulted NeNe when she did not accept Cynthia's peace offer.

I don't want to hear from anyone about Ken. She sits, talks and thanks a few who made her wayyyyy worse than I ever did! I owe nothing to this monster! I personally think her friends must keep 100 with her

– NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) March 9, 2020

“I put all of our drama aside, and as a married woman and a woman who went through things in her marriage, I just really wanted to give her real advice. F – k Kenya. Be clear, ”said NeNe in a confessional during the RHOA episode on March 8 (Kenya later explained in the RHOA“ after show ”that she did not believe that after Kenya's unexpected separation from Marc Daly ). This only resulted in more drama piling up in subsequent episodes, culminating in a big fight – and NeNe's unacceptable excuse – that shook fans when they tuned in to RHOA on March 22nd. During this episode, a lot of fans could empathize with Cynthia when she said it didn't. I don't know what the hell is going on.


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