What To Put on In January: 5 Failsafe Outfits


The festive season has its downsides (admittedly mainly related to food and alcohol), but they leave us all a little sartorial from January 1st. In the days after Christmas, if you flutter back and forth between questionable novelties such as pullovers, cocktail clothes and everything that has a rubber band, you can easily forget to dress like a normal person.

What did you do? actually wear every day before the whole of December madness? We do not recommend going into detail because January may not be the most popular month, but it is a time for reinvention and self improvement. Yes, this often comes in the form of persuading yourself to buy a reusable coffee mug or actually thinking about attending a spin-off course.

January is the best time of the year Play with new looks and remember that we've put together some fail-safe, winter-friendly options to get your closet mojo back. From tactile tailoring to stylish fitness equipment, you should wear the following to start the new year in style.

Structured Tailoring and Coarse Knitwear

We & # 39; d everyone prefers to sip pina coladas on a beach in the Maldives rather than putting on four layers just to step out the front door, but sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth in life. In this case in the truest sense of the word.

Textured layering is the be-all and end-all of winter style. While most men have mastered the art of incorporating it into their closets, tactile cropping often causes confusion.

Our advice would be to keep things relaxed. For example, an unstructured blazer without shoulder pads always looks better in a thick, textured fabric than in thin, single-colored wool. By definition, structured tailoring is more casual. Keep the rest of your outfit in the right line. Think suede shoes over leather, a more varied palette of colors than just gray, navy or black, and nice heavy knitwear to top it off.

Mountain-Friendly Layering

Even if you are closest to an alpine activity this January and would like to take a walk around the park with your dog It's reassuring to know that your clothes are ready for all weather conditions.

In one of our most popular developments in modern men's fashion, functional clothing is now fashionable, which means you can wear practical clothing outdoors and not look like Bill Oddie.

Layering is the key to keeping warm and drying. Combine a waterproof shell with an insulated intermediate layer for best results. Down is great for the latter thanks to its incomparable warmth-to-weight ratio. Wear a pair of Gore-Tex sneakers for protection. They are a big shoe trend when we start the new year and keep your feet dry in all the downpours in January that we will definitely get.

Big Coat Energy

You probably think January is just raining and you're right. But that's exactly why it's the perfect time to look for a new big coat, which is never a bad thing.

It is tempting to reach for something simple and understated, but get out of your comfort zone and investing in a statement piece can be a great way to add a touch of fun to a time of year that is in generally anything but normal.

From bold block colors to tasteful, eye-catching prints with a large coat personality should be at the top of the January shopping list of every style-conscious man. How you wear it largely depends on the type of coat, but the golden rule when playing with any type of statement remains the same: let the loudest garment speak, while everything else stays nice and subtle.

Winterproof Workwear Layers

Classic workwear was made with warmth and durability in mind. It's not technical, it's not nifty, but it does what it promises and looks damn good at the same time.

The key to nailing in winter lies in the layering. Four layers are a good target to create a feeling of depth, including outerwear. Think of a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, a fisherman shirt or a crew neck, a vest or an over shirt and a work coat to top it off.

For the lower half, you should stick to high quality denim, preferably selvedge, and hold some sturdy leather boots. Equip yourself with a Fischer hat and a casual everyday watch.

Some brand new fitness equipment

Floating your bloated carcass off the sofa and back to the gym after Christmas and New Year is never easy, but investing in first-class sports equipment can be an incentive to deal with it again.

Things like gym pants, compression tops, running gloves, and hi-vis windbreakers are the be-all and end-all for winter training that makes the initial jogging or gymnastics less painful best and most reliable equipment out there. For those who want to tighten their wallets after a month of spending, Uniqlo also offers a remarkable selection of tracksuits at prices that won't disappoint you any further.


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