What the American Idol Judges Have Realized About Saying No


The American Idol judges are not yet tired of each other.

Although Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan have been working together for three seasons, they still get along pretty well, and Perry describes it as a "familiar family mood".

E! & # 39; S Will Marfuggi spoke to the trio at the season premiere and they considered what they had learned about dealing with the participants.

Lionel Richie says sometimes you get a candidate who just really needs a hug, but Perry explains that the judges don't see this often sad story that takes place before an audition, so they just sing can judge and there is no need to gloss over their criticism.

"We really really rely on talent because I believe that we all have a story to tell, we all come from somewhere, a wound, etc., and I think that trust in the story once You will captivate someone with your art, "she says.

Richie added that the judges must be "realistic" with their comments on the participants.

"We know that we wish they could make it, but we know that they don't have a shot and we need to be very clear about it and there is a point where we can We have to say no because we know that this cannot go on until the end, "he says.

The judges are also not averse to having fun at the expense of the other, which you can see in the video above when they get into Perry's tendency to get a little hungry.

American Idol premieres on ABC on Sunday.


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