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In times of crisis, simple things we look forward to can be bleak, uninspiring or just another obstacle on the way to the finish line. In order to keep COVID-19 infections at bay, people in the United States and around the world have "sought protection" and cities have "paused" – and will continue to do so until the time comes. This pandemic is under control – while social Distance is a hundred percent important, we'd kid ourselves if we didn't admit that the days have become a bit monotonous.

Personally I greeted my colleague Michelle on Slack after three weeks in my own four walls with a "Happy whatever it is!" in an attempt at lightness while recognizing the reality that there really isn't much of a difference between what we're seeing, doing, and wearing from Monday to Friday. To make this weekend a real weekend, everyone at Who What Wear took a moment to pause, think, and plan on purpose.

Below you find the honesty about … Coast-to-coast quality plans by Who What Wear employees that highlight what they see, read, eat, and of course wear – hey, we have some fire WFH – Seizures worked that look just as good over the weekend – Plus a shareable graphic that you can customize and publish on Instagram Stories. We hope you will be inspired to try something new, support your favorite little business, and support FaceTime as a friend to make this weekend count.

Scroll on to see Who What Wear's weekend plans and share yours by tagging @WhoWhatWear in your Instagram post. We can't wait to see how everyone spends their time in the large indoor spaces!


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