Want extra buttons to your PS4 controller? This gadget provides two on the caboose – trendzhq


When you play games on your PS4, you generally do most of the work with your thumb and forefinger. Why not use the rest of your lazy digits with this accessory that includes two programmable buttons on the back of the DualShock 4 controller?

The device is imaginatively referred to as a "back button attachment" and is connected to the accessory connector on the PS4. It adds three interactive elements to the back end of the controller. There are two paddle-style buttons that appear to be suitable for a light punch with the middle finger. Each of these buttons can be programmed as one of the normal buttons.

There is also a small OLED screen that provides "real time" information about how the buttons are set. It doesn't seem very urgent to find out or show this information to others, but hey. The screen also serves as a button to switch between configurations or to change the settings during operation.

Great idea from Sony, right? Not correct! The function of the rear buttons has been taken over for some time by high-end controllers such as Scuf and Astro, which are widely used by professional players with their adjustable sticks and buttons. (Microsoft in turn has a patent for a Braille display and an input on the back.)

It doesn't look good when all performance-oriented gamers use third-party equipment, but with the PS5 around the corner and a new controller, it doesn't make much sense to close a gap. “DualShock 4.5” with additional buttons. So this accessory makes a lot of sense. (Don't worry, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can still use a headset.)

And the price is reasonable: $ 30. This makes it a relatively easy impulse purchase for anyone who likes the idea of ​​additional buttons but doesn't want to bill or do more on a scuf or astro controller.

However, the attachment to the back button will not be available in time for the holidays – not before January 23. However, it may be exhibited at CES beforehand.


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