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Tyler Cameron spilled "the tea" about what's really going on between him and Hannah Brown after "The Bachelorette" stars started dating rumors! The ABC star even revealed what he thinks about Gigi Hadid's love life.

Tyler Cameron 27, finally gives us the answer we were waiting for – but maybe not the one fans wanted! The ABC star revealed his real relationship status with Hannah Brown 25, whom he once tried to woo in season 15 of The Bachelorette while bouncing on a zoom session with fans. TikTok user @ bflyprincess3 shared a clip of the zoom call entitled "Tyler gives us tea about Hannah B and Gigi" on April 2nd, which turned into a question and answer about Tyler's love life.

"The tea is that we are friends, she is a good friend," Tyler said of Hannah. And there you have it – Tyler and Hannah's last meeting places were purely platonic! A fan asked our next burning question: "What about my girl Gigi [ Hadid ]?"

"She's a good girl. She's with her old man now," Tyler said. Gigi confirmed the surprising news even on Valentine's Day! The 24-year-old model shared a snapshot of her recurring friend Zayn Malik 27 on her one-way photo account (@gisposable) and wrote: "HEY VALENTINE". Before the big reunion, however, it was Gigi and Tyler, all of whom were obsessed in late summer and fall 2019. They have been seen on numerous trips together in New York City, but a report of Gigi's "reconnection" with Zayn surfaced in November of this year.

Enter Hannah: Fans recently had to wonder if she and Tyler were renewing their romance, which ended after Hannah finally chose Jed Wyatt for The Bachelorette. Hannah visited Tyler's home state of Florida – twice in March – after his mother Andrea unfortunately passed away on February 29th. They were quarantined (along with Tyler's other friends) under the Florida coronavirus outbreak, which led to the creation of the @QuarantineCrew TikTok account.

Unfortunately, Hannah returned to Alabama, which Matt James member of the Quarantine Crew revealed on April 1. However, it's easy to understand why fans thought all of this time together was something else!



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