Tokyo Jetz Issues Teary-Eyed Apology For George Floyd Joke


After rapper Tokyo Jetz received a backlash from her fans, she apologized for making a joke about George Floyd’s death would have.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, became emotional when she spoke to fans with tears in her eyes that she had uploaded to her Instagram page.

In the In a three-minute video, Tokyo said on several occasions that in their first video, they made no excuse for their actions. “What I did was damn wrong,” Tokyo began to apologize.

To keep you up to date, Tokyo Jetz was trending on social media the previous Monday after a video showing how she talked about George Floyd’s murder jokingly surfaced. In the video you can see her playing around with a friend and saying: “I am a George Floyd, your Muthaf *** in a **.”

While some it was just a tasteless joke, others on social media demanded that she be canceled because she killed George Floyd, who was killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin after Chauvin was on his for more than seven minutes Kneeling the neck, having expressed

A social media user said : “I can Tokyo Jetz, a black woman with one black son, do not believe, not even repaired her mouth to say the foul. “

In her apology, Tokyo addressed the fact that she was the mother of a black boy while apologizing to George’s family and the demonstrators who did so. I have justice in called for his name.

“I don’t want nobody to ever think that I don’t understand that I’m black as shit,” Tokyo Jet said, for example. “I’m nothing else. I could never be anything else. I don’t want people to ever think that I don’t understand that my son is hell black and that I can be the one who needs someone at any moment me in. It could be him, it could be anyone around me.

She continued, “I made a bad decision. I made a joke of a situation that as serious as f ** k. And I promise you everything you want to tell me, I said ten times worse. “


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