This Defensive iPhone Case Protects Your Telephone from 6-Foot Drops


Just because it's made of leather doesn't mean that the rugged, defensive iPhone case Nomad Active is not durable. In fact, this leather iPhone case goes through a special tanning process that makes it naturally water-repellent. While you should still not be diving your phone underwater, this iPhone Pro Max case can cope with your adventurous lifestyle. No matter whether you choose the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, this robust case is suitable for you. You can also choose between black and brown leather, depending on which slim look you want. And with a fall protection of two meters, these Nomad cases protect your expensive phone. Durable enough to protect against the weather, but slim enough to charge you wirelessly. This is one of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases that have it all.


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