The Greatest Sneaker Traits Of 2020


While we are cautiously advancing into 2020, there are some big questions on everyone's lips: are we going to be drawn into the Third World War? How can we prevent the entire planet from burning to ashes? And much less important: what will be the next big event in the world of sneakers?

Unfortunately, we are not really equipped to answer the first two. Such matters go far beyond our expertise in men's clothing. However, when we look into the FashionBeans crystal ball for the first time this year, we can damn well answer the third.

While the early 2010s gave us crisp white tops, minimalist silhouettes and the first hint of what was supposed to be a full revival of the 90s, 2020 should offer a sharp contrast. From haute couture collaborations to the resurgence of 2000, these are the sneaker trends you should know in the next 12 months.

High-Fashion Hookups

This time ten years ago, people laughed out of Paris from tall, thin, handsome people who smoked tiny menthol cigarettes to suggest an Air Jordan x Christian Dior collab , and yet we are here. In 2019, the Sacai x Nike LDWaffle was arguably the biggest release of the year. With the Air Dior sneaker already mentioned and another from Adidas and Prada, which will land later this year, the trend for high-fashion collaborations is only getting significantly larger.

Haute couture houses that connect with sneaker brands are symptomatic of a larger, overarching trend. This is another step towards making streetwear the new normal of fashion – and has been for a few years. For anyone who believes it was just a flash of the pan, this should be further evidence of Streetwear's staying power in the fashion industry.

More Gore

Function Going Fashion was one of the most important moments of men's fashion in 2019. Models were shown in technical outerwear on the catwalks, bags were everywhere and Gore-Tex outperformed fleece and cord as the hottest fabric. Dressing up for ice climbing in Karakoram has never looked so good.

But the performance fabrics didn't end on our ankles. AW19 brought an influx of Gore-Tex sneakers, some of which were shockingly wearable. Waterproof versions of classic styles like the Adidas Stan Smith, Superstar, and Nike Air Force One all flew off the shelves, solving the age-old sneakerhead winter dilemma of rocking when the weather turns sour. Expect more of that when we settle in the new year.

Structured Trainer

We always strive to add some texture to your closet, but why stop at your feet? Structured trainers are already moving into mainstream men's fashion, but by 2020 they're on the right track to really blow up. From corded canvas shoes to hairy suede runners, tactile fabrics conquer the world of sneakers and we are all for it.

It's hard to find out when all of this started, but if we had to put money on it, we would say it started with the launch of the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 cord in 2018. Since then Texture and Trainer have a hot love affair that has resulted in some of the most beautiful little sneaker babies we've ever laid eyes on. And with a new Wotherspoon collab that is due to fall in 2020, it will only get hot.

Performance Runners

On the heels of the track – runners who have been in the front row of Fashion Week for several seasons and are performance running shoes the latest functional shoes, which were picked up by the mass of above-average cool fashion.

Brands like Hoka One The prints by One and Nike and Undercover, Gyakusou, have given your local running club a new dimension, with colorful, powerful kicks that are as hard as they bark. Granted, you probably won't run a 150-mile ultra marathon in them, but it's nice to know what option there is.

Mesh And Metallic

A bit like the never-ending monkey / never-ending typewriter exercise, wait long enough and everything you can imagine will in fashion. Wraparound sunglasses? Check. Sketchers? Check. These highly detailed mesh and silver metallic sneakers that your high school teacher wore? That would be another big fat check in 2020.

They are running shoes in 00 style and thanks to New Balance, Saucony and Asics are back in force for the new year. We like to think of it as Dad Shoe 2.0. The natural evolution of one of the biggest shoe trends of the past year and something we'll see a lot more of in the coming 12 months.

Noughties Revival

Speaking of 00 style: in 2020 we will all remind you in time that the 20-year trend cycle clock is still ticking with pinpoint accuracy. The past decade has been marked by the nostalgia of the 90s, but when we entered the 20s, attention shifted to the millennium.

We thought this day would never come, except with the revival of baggy jeans and dangly canvas belts last year, the signs were right in front of us. Another testament to what we are facing in terms of shoes is the recent resurrection of the early 00s like Nike Shox and the shiny mesh sneakers mentioned earlier. Do you feel old?

The sneaker trend that we can see through

Here at FashionBeans we write every day about men's fashion, but this latest sneaker development surprised us. The first hint of see-through sneakers came with the kind permission of Virgil Abloh, who already dealt with the Converse All Star and the Nike React Element 87 in 2018. two semi-transparent steps that revealed the taste of the wearer of socks to the world.

You would have been forgiven if you had done it as a trick, but two years later we are faced with a ton of see-through sneakers and more that appear every month. Artist / model / skateboarder Blondey McCoy's new Adidas Superstar Collab is the latest transparent shoe that wags the tongue, but we've also seen (or seen through) transparent Fila Disruptors, Nike Air Force 1s, and many more. No matter whether good or bad, this trend is getting bigger, and if you have to commit yourself to God's love, put on some socks.


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