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Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus teamed up again on April 3rd to team up for Miley's quarantine livestream show "BRIGHT MINDED: Live With Miley", and we EXCLUSIVELY find out where their friendship is going from here.

Selena Gomez 27, and Miley Cyrus 27, eliminated all feuds when Selena appeared in quarantine on April 3 on Miley's Instagram live show and admitted to being bipolar and it turns out that reunification has created positive feelings, that their friendship is growing and evolving. "Miley and Selena are friends again, both are now following each other on Instagram and will keep in touch," a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife . "There's no way to really tell where things will go from here, but Miley is thrilled that they did the show and she really has nothing but praise for Selena . She is so honored that Selena was willing to be honest with her, she really respects her for opening up and calls her brave, Miley loves to work with different artists, so it is not out of the question that she would later deal with Selena can make a song. There is nothing on the table now, but never say never. "

A second source reiterated that while Selena's appearance on Miley's show is a great thing, the chance that they are currently banding up for music is not high. "Miley really loved having Selena on her show. It was really nice to meet them, but they both have two completely different lives and even though they will be connected to their Disney past forever, the chance to work on some music will take a little while until we work together in the future, to bear fruit, ”said the second source EXCLUSIVELY. "They are now trying hard to keep in touch and occasionally become DM, but April 3rd was and was the beginning of a return to a friendship that I hope will be close again. Miley was happy that the fans could see and bring them together and would like to see where they were going, including collaboration in music. There was no discussion, but there is always the possibility. This was a great first step to get friendship in order. "

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people like Selena and Miley to stay in their homes to stop the spread, some good things can happen, and Selena recognized this in her appearance on Mileys Show. "Selena actually sees the silver lining in this whole situation because she is not sure if this reunion would have taken place if people had stopped turning to live chats more and more while quarantining themselves ", a third source EXCLUSIVELY explained. " Selena has never been a big fan of social media and it's always something she struggles with, but the fact that it helped her reconnect with someone from her past and repairing that relationship, she doesn't think otherwise happened. She never thought that she would have been able to open up so freely about her personal struggles, but she hopes that it will help others to deal with their own situations. She has always been shy about social media, but she feels much more comfortable with it and she could never have imagined taking this experience away. "

In addition to Selena, Miley already had some big names on her BRIGHT MINDED show: Live With Miley, including Demi Lovato 27, and Reese Witherspoon 44.


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