The Dell New XPS 17 Offers GeForce GPU Graphics



Get the most out of your computer with the Dell New XPS 17 Powerful Laptop. This portable laptop runs on a 10th generation Intel Core processor. With this new Dell laptop, you feel like you’re using a desktop computer. No matter what your next creative endeavor is, you can achieve it thanks to the GeForce GPU graphics on this computer. So your creative apps run quickly and smoothly. Even if you do ray tracing, use video hardware and run AI software. With up to 64 gigabytes of memory and an Intel Wi-Fi 6 chipset, this is one of the fastest laptops. In addition, this incredibly thin laptop has built-in fans to ensure you don’t get overheated. With a touchscreen display that offers up to 4K Ultra HD + quality, this laptop has everything you need for impressive work.


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