The best way to Get Clean Pores and skin, In keeping with Consultants


If you feel like you are doing the best with your skin care products at home, but still not seeing the smoothing results you want, it may be time to improve your game and take it to the professionals. When you're ready to work with your dermatologist, Rogers recommends examining laser treatment (ablative and non-ablative). This is the most effective treatment available to treat texture problems. "A gentle version is the Clear + Brilliant treatment," says Rogers. "I recommend this treatment for radiant, smooth skin two weeks before each major event." For a more aggressive option, she advises patients to try the CO2 laser, which they use to treat scars, wrinkles, and deep texture problems on a daily basis.

If a spa visit is quicker, Allison Tray, owner of the Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, recommends peels of different strengths. " If we're dealing with a very superficial problem, a light peel as part of a facial can really help turn the skin around by removing dead skin cells and promoting new, fresh cells," says Tray. For deeper problems that go under the surface, such as scars from acne, Tray recommends Vi Peel . "It's painless, very effective, and it literally causes the skin to peel and build up again," she explains.

Alternatively, you can give your skin professional care and commit to regular facial treatments for the next few months. " I always recommend booking a longer period so that the beautician has time to do his best job in terms of thorough peeling and extraction," says Jarnot. "I always have the feeling that if you bother to get a facial, let it count!" We are completely in agreement.


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