The best drones you can buy in 2020


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This is a shorter version of our full list of the best drones on Drone Rush.

It is used to be that if you wanted a drone, you chose either the DJI Mavic Pro for its compact design or the legendary Phantom range of drones for their camera capabilities, but there are many more today Options. We’re researching the pros and cons of many drone rush drones, but today we’re going to focus only on the best of the best for you.

I ask you to learn the drone laws and register with the FAA before you fly. After all, it’s the law. Take a moment to find the right drone once you’re ready to fly to the sky. You might want an in-house toy, a racer driving the track, or an excellent camera drone to take photos and videos from the sky. There are one or two drones for all of these tasks.

Warning: The certification of drone pilots for all pilots will be available soon, as will the remote ID for all aircraft. Security is the name of the game, but you’ll need to take extra steps in the coming months before you fly.

Best drones on the market today:

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this list with new and exciting drones at launch. This update includes the exciting new DJI Mavic Air 2!

People buy and fly drones for a variety of reasons, so we’ll look at the best machines in a number of categories. If these drones don’t quite meet your needs, we’ve evaluated hundreds of others on Drone Rush. Here are the best drones:

9. Hubsan H111

Best indoor nano drone – $ 18

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There is not a single category for small drones, but we generally consider any machine that fits in the palm of your hand as a nanodrone. One of our absolute favorites is the Hubsan H111. We respect Hubsan as a brand, we have many of their larger drones in various other categories on the website, but the H111 is one of the easiest to use and safest to fly indoors.

Make no mistake, this is a toy drone. It has limited battery life and minimal flight capabilities compared to more advanced machines, but it lives on my desk and flies a lot. It’s challenging enough to improve my pilot skills and have fun. The price is also a great Christmas present.

Check out the Hubsan H111 on Amazon.

8. Syma X5C-1

Best toy drone, a resilient trainer – $ 42

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We firmly believe that every prospective drone pilot starts with a drone-like the Syma X5C should. This toy-class drone has limited functionality but corresponds to the pilot experience of more expensive drones. Flying this machine helps you master the basics of the flight, understand which direction it is going, and manage to press the video capture button at the right time on that flight. Crashes are almost inevitable, but would you prefer to learn how to deal with crashes on a machine that’s worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or with a robust and fun Syma X5C?

7. UVify OOri

Best racing drone trainer, the need for speed on a leash – $ 295

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This is for those who want high-speed fun of silky smooth photo and video recording from Prefer heaven. The UVify OOri impressed us with its durability and flight ability when we tried it out at CES 2018. This small drone can fly safely in your home with the propeller guards installed. It is stable and has enough flight assistance functions so that most people can control it by circling the couch. Machines like the Hubsan H111 and the Syma X5C reach a speed of less than 15 km / h – not the case with Ori. Give the UVify OOri some freedom of movement and it will reach a speed of up to 100 km / h.

When you look at a racing drone, there are many compromises. These machines are designed for speed, extreme maneuverability, and short-distance operation for a race that takes a little over five minutes. A fun alternative to this drone is the Fat Shark 101 racing trainer.


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