The 9 Finest Outfits Concepts for Plain White T-Shirts


I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that my white T-shirts are the most worn thing in my entire closet. They are the building blocks of my closet and what I always achieve when I am fleeing from inspiration. Name a basic that is more useful, versatile and timeless than a classic white cotton t-shirt. (Mmm, I'll wait.)

The strange part is that I wear mine all the time and still somehow always lack ways to wear it, which means that in the end I often repeat the same combination of jeans and tea over and over again. I have nothing against this combo (frankly, I live in it), but mostly I feel lazy when I can't think of anything new. To counteract this exhaustion of the outfit, I have saved a folder with all my favorite ideas and regularly refer to it when I feel particularly uninspired.

Lately, this folder has seen a lot of fresh white t-shirt outfits. I plan to copy ASAP (okay, I already copied some of them) and I felt that the ideas I had were too good not to share them. Everyone loves a good white t-shirt, that's a fact. I am only here to help you achieve your goals. Scroll down to see my favorite white t-shirt outfits for celebrities, fashion girls, and street style stars, and then buy pieces to recreate each look.


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