Tekashi 69 Rocks A Fresh Lace Front While On House Arrest



Tekashi 69 may be one of the few people who do what many of us can’t do when we lockdown – getting our hair done. Tekashi, who is currently serving the rest of his two-year sentence for house arrests, went on Gram Thursday to show off his fresh lace front wig made by none other than the famous hairdresser and social media personality. Jonathan Wright.

He is known on the IG as “Iam_Jonathan” and has styled greats like Megan Thee Stallion and Jordyn Woods and Tekashi’s girlfriend Jade.

With Tekashi, who is known for his rainbow hair, he is not too far from his characteristic appearance. But Tekashi’s new lace definitely gave him some fresh colors and some new braids.

And Tekashi definitely looked like he was feeling his new look, as shown below:

] This is not the first time that Tekashi is playing in one of Jonathan’s wigs. Just last week, amid all the excitement of his return to Instagram since his early release from prison, Tekashi was spotted in another of Jonathan’s eyes.

This wig seemed to be inspired by Lakers. with purple and gold braids.

In addition to the new hair, Tekashi has responded to the gram overall since his early release from prison. He broke records when he went live on IG, had 2 million viewers while scolding loyalty and why he chose to work with the government on his blackmail case.

While he is doing his thing and letting go of new music, he may want to weaken it and hold back, since he has had to move at least once after his location was allegedly compromised.


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