Survey exhibits progress in podcasts and voice assistants, little change in streaming – trendzhq


A new annual survey conducted prior to the current COVID-19 crisis resulted in movement restrictions across much of the United States. This suggests good news for Amazon.

Edison Research and Triton Digital published their annual Infinite Dial survey last week, which compiled data on the use of smart speakers, podcasts, music streaming, and social media by consumers of 1,500 people (ages 12+) . Changes over the course of the year. Here are some interesting results:

Voice assistants and smart speakers

62 percent said they used a voice-based virtual assistant, mostly over the phone or a computer. Much has been written about interactive language as the next important medium for human-computer interaction after mobile phones. It is therefore noteworthy that the use of the technology is still associated with personal computers and not with hands-free smart speakers that are in the area.

The share of intelligent speakers rose from 24% in 2019 to 27% of the respondents, although the respondents had an average of 2.2 speakers. In fact, the cohort, which had three or more speakers, grew from a quarter to a third of the owners within a year, with Amazon Alexa still dominating the market share.


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