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Two-time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki has just dropped his long-awaited sixth studio album. Neon Future IV, and that's what the fans have been waiting for. The next part of his Neon Future album series continues where Neon Future III left off and prepares us for another long journey through the technological future of mankind.

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<p> The 27 tracks on the album deal not only with Aoki's well-known interests such as biotechnology, electronic immortality and for mutually beneficial relationship between man and machine, but also solidifying why he's a master of versatility When it comes to the many subgenres of electronic dance music, Neon Future IV is filled with more dance-pop and radio-friendly collaborations than his previous albums, but it still has the DJ's electro house and big room flare along with some moombahton, reggaeton and trap and future bass influences. </p>
<p> On the album, Aoki said: </p>
<p> "I have songs that are neon future DNA and I have my club banger and all that stuff and they all work together because at At the end of the day, they are all the musical expressions of that time by Steve Aoki. "</p>
<p> The first track on the album," Closer To God ", serves as a prologue for our journey about to set off, to welcome us back to this futuristic world. The song begins with a long speech explaining that in the neon future, we are "looking for the unknown, exploring an ever-increasing boundary and trying to find answers to understand hope." It almost feels like a mixture of the openings <strong> Star Trek </strong> and <strong> Twilight Zone </strong>. When it finally comes to an end, we are suddenly hit by cool electrical synthesizers and finally some solid technical beats. </p>
<p> "Closer To God" also connects Aoki's comic series with his music. <strong> Kita Sovee </strong>who can be seen as the singer of the song and the last title of the album "Eevos Atik Foes Ischt", is the figure who looks strikingly similar to the DJ himself in <strong> Impact Theory </strong>. s Neon Future Comics. When he debuted the comic series in 2018, he told fans at <strong> New York Comic Con </strong> that he thought the best way to portray the storytelling aspect of Neon Future albums was through comics. With the comic series up to the sixth edition and the publication of Neon Future IV, Aoki's vision for his neon future world is now fully realized. </p>
<p> The next track on the album "I Love My Friends" is the beginning of the dance-pop collaborations that span the first and a little into the second half of Neon Future IV. The feel-good track with the electro-pop duo <strong> Icona Pop </strong> is easily a contender for this year's top summer anthem and brings energy to the album with its positive mood. </p>
<p> Back to the early days of Aoki's imprint <strong> Dim Mak Records </strong> "Halfway Dead" with <strong> Global Dan </strong> and <strong> Blink-182 </strong> & # 39; s drummer <strong> Travis Barker </strong> mixes pop-punk with dance music and begins the long list of many eclectic collaborations that will come. If "Daylight" only makes the energy a little quieter, it brings the cold with its gentle synthesizers and conveys the same carefree feeling that the night brings with it when <strong> Tory Lanez </strong> sings: "Don't let us down Find daylight. " </p>
<p> The next handful of songs consist of previous releases, but they show most of the subgenre variety that Neon Future IV has to offer. These include Aoki's Speed ​​House collaboration with <strong> Slushii </strong> "<strong> One True Love </strong>", a reggaeton / Moombahton-infused dance track with <strong> Maluma </strong> "<strong> Maldad </strong>] "a hip hop infused trap song with <strong> Lay Zhang </strong> and <strong> </strong>," Love You More ", a K-Pop collaboration with <strong> Monsta X </strong> "<strong> Play It Cool </strong>", sein and <strong> Darren Criss </strong> & # 39; Cover of the rock hit <strong> by Dave Matthews Band </strong> "<strong> Crash Into Me </strong> "and his two most radio-friendly and heartwarming dance pop tracks" <strong> 2 In A Million </strong> "with <strong> The Police </strong> and <strong> Sting </strong> and <strong> <strong> SHAED </strong> and "<strong> Let It Be Me </strong>" with the <strong> Backstreet Boys </strong>. </p>
<p> Many of the new songs on the album are also on the list. "Girl" with <strong> Agnez Mo </strong> and <strong> Desiigner </strong> mixes melodies from the Middle East and a lyrical hip-hop style. A tropical sounding track with acoustic guitars, "1 4 U", shows the most unexpected singer on the album, the actress <strong> Zooey Deschanel </strong>. </p>
<p> "Inside Out" with <strong> Felix Jaehn </strong> with <strong> Jamie Scott </strong> and "New Blood" with <strong> Echosmith </strong> & # 39; s <strong> Sydney Sierota </strong> both deal with a future bass sound. "New Blood", however, moves between the album's last dance-pop side and the beginning of the more hardcore electronic-sounding second half. The song has both loose pop verses and drops that have a more grainy technical texture than the previous tracks. And Sierota's fascinating vocals fit effortlessly into everyone. </p>
<p> "Homo Deus" takes Neon Future IV with its cool electrical synthesizers and fast, coarse-grained electronic melodies in a more electronic and technical direction. It also touches on some of Aoki's futurism themes that he incorporates into his music. </p>
<p> As with previous Neon Future albums, on which someone from the scientific community can be seen, the singing of the electro house song is provided by the Israeli historian <strong> Yuval Harari </strong>. The song even takes its name from the book by historian Home Deus: a short story of tomorrow that goes into the current history of mankind and imagines what the future would look like. </p>
<p> "Terra Incognita" is another electro house song Das has a similar singer in the form of an entrepreneur who deals with Aoki's biotechnology issues. <strong> Bryan Johnson </strong> is the CEO of a company that develops advanced neural interfaces, and he also invests in early-stage science and technology companies. </p>
<p> The song is more scientific and space-researching The perfect background for Johnson's reflection of our evolution: </p>
<p> "We are in a crucial moment of being human, how well we develop, how well we interact with We and our creations and machines will be remaking in the coming decades, it is a reconfiguration, it is a reinterpretation. The most important opportunity we have is to strive for an existence that is beyond our imagination. "</p>
<p> Aside from the slowest song in the second half of the album, his previously released collaboration with <strong> Alan Walker </strong> with <strong> ISÁK </strong> "Are You Lonely", the rest of Neon Future IV consists of Aoki's festival anthems and club banger. This includes large traces of space such as his and <strong> Aloks </strong> revised version of <strong> The Chemical Brothers </strong> "Do It Again", "Rave" with <strong> Showtek </strong> and <strong> a MAKJ </strong> with <strong> Kriss Kross </strong> and his collaboration with <strong> Ummet Ozcan </strong> and <strong> Dzeko </strong> "Popcorn". </p>
<p> Towards the end of the album, Aoki still radiates energy and extends the list with further subgenres with tracks capable of hardcore / hard dance festivals such as "I Wanna Rave" with the <strong> Bassjackers </strong> and "Hava "with <strong> Timmy Trumpet </strong> with <strong> Dr. Phunk </strong>. "2045" with <strong> Going Deeper </strong> tries to keep up with the future house and video game sounds not so quickly. </p>
<p> Overall, Neon Future IV is proof of everything Aoki has achieved so far, and his drive to bring more of the world of the Neon Future to his fans in the form of comics, fashion lines, toy figures and whatever otherwise he ventures into the next. </p>
<p> If you haven't done the epic journey Neon Future IV, you can stream it here. </p>
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