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On-site travel and exploration Your own country can offer many advantages. For example, to help you discover some of the wonderful places in your own country. Places that you may have always wanted to visit but chose an international trip instead.

Below are some ideas and suggestions for the different types of domestic / stay travel you may want to take. These provide a fantastic way to travel within your country and allow you to discover places within easy reach that are as enjoyable as a trip abroad.

Visit the beach / coast

Of course not all countries have the luxury of a coast, but if this is the case for you and it is known as beautiful, it is definitely worth a look. For example for a day trip or even for an overnight stay in a local hotel. There are wonderful beaches in many countries around the world that are perfect for a domestic trip.

Beaches and coasts are often well-equipped for tourism, so you'll likely find local restaurants, perhaps fish and chip shops, and other entertainment options in the area.

Visits to the beach can also be great for the kids, so you can keep the little ones occupied for hours.

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