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Shannon Beador is quarantined with her boyfriend John Janssen to stay safe during the COVID 19 pandemic, but she still "woke up" with a special declaration of love on her big day!

Shannon Beador may be under quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic on her 56th birthday, but her friend John Janssen has done everything possible to make the special day of the reality star to make it an unforgettable experience! The star of the Real Housewives of Orange County went on Instagram on March 25th to share a sweet message with their followers that they received from their handsome businessman Beau, which you can see HERE. "Woke up with this note. #bestgiftever # blessed beyond, ”the triple mother said to a photo of herself and John before revealing exactly what was in the note.

"Shannon, our trip started 9 months ago," began John's note. “The timing was bad and didn't make sense for us or our friends and family. I was not in the right mood to meet someone and was just trying to find my balance. You weren't looking for a relationship, but after two years of emotionally ending your marriage, you just spent time and had fun with friends. “The divorce from Shannon was completed in April 2019 after a 17-year marriage by David Beador . "But when we were introduced, something in me knew I had to talk to you. We started with encouraging texts that warmed my heart and then spent hours on the phone that flowed so effortlessly and then came to the group appointment, ”continued the note.

John continued to talk about their first date and how they have been "inseparable" since the beginning of their relationship. Shannon debuted her new husband for the first time in July 2019 in a heart-warming Instagram post. With a simple heart and anchor emoji, the blonde beauty posed in a marina in the middle of a picturesque sunset. As we have reported, ShannonLife although Shannon did not mark John in the photo at received EXCLUSIVE details of their burgeoning romance, which revealed: “Shannon is extremely happy with her new friend John Janssen. They met through mutual friends and he is the first person who seems to have taken them seriously since their divorce. It's still very new, but it seems to be going very well for them. "


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