Seize a Pixel 3a from Greatest Purchase for simply $250 (save $150)


The Google Pixel 3a is definitely in the running for the best mid-range phone of 2019 and can now be yours with a huge $ 150 discount.

Google's first pixel phone for a small budget is now available through Best Buy (h / t: 9to5Google) for only $ 249.99 compared to the original price of $ 399.99. The only catch with this Pixel 3a offer is that you have to activate the device on the day of purchase. Otherwise, you'll pay a little more, but still a good $ 300 for the phone.

In both cases you will receive a discount of 64 GB Pixel 3a in the colors "Black only", "Purple" or "Clear white". The Budget Pixel stands out from other budget phones because it offers the same flagship camera experience as the Pixel 3. This means that it is an identical 12 megapixel camera with support for HDR +, night vision and astrophotography modes.

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Google’s mid-range device also brings a Snapdragon 670 chipset, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of fixed storage, Active Edge squeeze and a headphone jack. The latter is not available on the latest Google flagships, which means that the Pixel 3a is even more effective.

You will have to forego water resistance and wireless charging, but these omissions are expected at $ 400 and a lower price point. You can access the Best Buy Pixel 3a offer using the button below.

Google Pixel 3a A cheaper Pixel 3 with some extras

The Google Pixel 3a is a mid-range pixel device the same flagship camera experience as the Pixel 3. It is not wireless and waterproof, but has a headphone jack and a larger battery than the Pixel 4.

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