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The royal couple from YouTube "take a break" – as friendly as possible. Tana Mongeau brought the sad news to Instagram just a few days after she revealed that she was "so unhappy" about how the public perceives her marriage to Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau 21, and Jake Paul 22, enter 2020 single. After the YouTubers' quickie engagement and the Las Vegas wedding, which lasted a few weeks between June and July 2019 and prompted many fans to question the authenticity of their relationship, Tana and Jake step back from their whirlwind romance. As expected, the unconventional couple's announcement of dissolution was anything but conventional – they couldn't help but laugh while writing the big news. "Ok, I don't know exactly how to do a" we're taking a break "post and that's strange how fk … I'm glad I can continue to sit and laugh with Jake – but we're doing it right now both a break to focus on our own crazy life … ", Tana announced to her five million Instagram fans.

Tana insisted that she was “a best friend for life” and “found someone to live with if nobody understood anything [her].” Oh, she also got Jakes Lamborghini because she “got the Half of it all "Tana gets declared her love for Jake in the announcement and the former Disney Channel star reflected his ex's friendly tone in his Instagram post.

"While Tana and I are sitting next to each other and subtitling a break, we are literally laughing at how crazy and stupid the past few months have been and joking about how silly it all seems," admitted Jake in his Post Office. As proof, the announcement went under a photo of the YouTubers cuddling with Tana and her dog Thor, from whom he has "custody". Tana, on the other hand, "unfortunately gets my Lamborghini," added Jake. As Tana also noted, he said they were "best friends" and he even left a delightful side note: "ps, our friends started playing sad music while we wrote these subtitles, and we all started ours A – to laugh at it. It's bitterly sweet, but that's exactly what is best for us. “Both Tana and Jake asked fans to resist the temptation to speculate as to why they split up. The full news can be found below.

Just four days before the break announcement, Tana admitted that her public perception of her marriage was taking its toll. "I'm so unhappy about how my relationship with Jake looks in public and I've faked so much that I don't care what I do," Tana admitted in the vulnerable video titled on December 30 was uploaded "The truth about everything."


The open status of marriage presented Tana with another difficulty. "I feel like I have an open relationship with Jake when he can have sex with a new man – every night, which I don't blame him for," she said. “I was the only one who lit everything green because I just wanted to make him happy. And let me kill. You can only let something kill you until it actually kills you, ”Tana told more than five million YouTube subscribers.

Tana reiterated how happy she was with Jake, an attitude that corresponded to her EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife almost two months before a break from Jake. We asked Tana about her marriage to Logan Paul against KSI boxing match in November 2019 and she said to us: "Honestly? It runs fine. Too good. It's almost like waking up every day and saying, "Okay, something bad has to happen now. Things are really cold right now and really fun."


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