Samsung teases videocalling on its subsequent foldable through the Oscars – trendzhq


It was South Korea – and not Netflix – night at the Oscars, thanks to Bong Joon-ho's biting class satire Parasite, which won a well-deserved best picture.

But technology giant Samsung seems to have hoped to steal some of the national spotlight. The Korean phone maker chose a top-class Oscars ad slot to show a 360-degree view of the next foldable device, and ran it as a teaser for its Unpacked 2020 unboxing event, which takes place tomorrow in San Francisco.

The advertisement shows the flip phones from all angles, which open and close, while the comic sounds of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot pop and crackle in the background.

In particular, we see how the foldable device with a half or three-quarter open screen stands up for a hands-free chat in face-time style. (In case you're wondering what the point of a flip phone could be in 2020.)

There is also a striking, iridescent purple color scheme that seems to make best use of the screen-covering clamshell design. A black version blends in much better in the background, and a short side view of the phone shows a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, as shown in previous leaks.

If you are wondering how to check incoming calls when the shell is closed, the display shows a microdisplay with the name of the person calling. TL; DR: You can still make your frenemies ghost while packing a flip.

We have already seen the end of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip online, but this is an official overall view of the foldable Samsung hopes that will trigger a retro fashion fever in clamshell flip phones. (See also the newly launched Motorola Razr.)

Of course, Samsung also hopes that this foldable part can bend without breaking immediately.

Be curious about all the details of Samsung Unpacked 2020 (we're particularly keen to find out the price for this foldable device), including our first look at the next flagship Galaxy S device.

trendzhq's intrepid hardware editor, Brian Heater, will be in San Francisco tomorrow to pick up the new kit so you don't have to.


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