Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak: It exists after all?!


Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

  • A Bluetooth SIG A “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra” was listed in the certification.
  • The listing may (or may not) contradict previous reports that the Note 20 series would only have two models.
  • The Note 20 Ultra will support Bluetooth 5.0.

Samsung is no stranger to elite-class flagships, but the Galaxy S20 series has taken things to a new level with the highly specified, oversized Galaxy S20 Ultra. Initial reports suggested that Samsung’s fairly large phablet series would not follow, but there is now evidence of the existence of a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The evidence comes from a Bluetooth SIG certification that was first discovered by MySmartPrice, which explicitly refers to the listed device as “Galaxy Note20 Ultra”. This contradicts the claims we heard from a CEO in the display supply chain industry who claimed that there were only two core models of Note 20.

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Before we all got too excited about the prospect of an absolutely massive Galaxy Note- Enjoy the phone With absurd specifications, there is a small detail that should be considered. In the certification, the model number of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is listed as SM-N986U. This model number had previously been associated with the expected Galaxy Note 20 Plus in early rumors.

Instead of the first reports that only two Note models are wrong, Samsung could theoretically drop the plus moniker for the larger Galaxy Note 20 series phone and instead introduce the ultra branding.

This is all speculation point, so we have to wait and see what Samsung is up to. In both cases, there is no way around it: this is an official certificate called Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The only other information we can get is that the Note 20 supports Ultra Bluetooth 5.0. This is not the latest version, but the same one that we saw in the Galaxy S20 series.

Information about all leaks and rumors related to the Galaxy Note 20 can be found on our special page here.


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