Rapper Chika Details Her Experience of Being Detained By Police at L.A. Protest


Yesterday (May 31), rapper Chika published a long Instagram video in which she detailed her experiences during a weekend protest in Los Angeles. In the clip, Chika talks about the calm behavior of her and her manager at an event that protests George Floyd’s murder. She then tells how she was handcuffed (with cable ties) and held for seven hours without being properly arrested and reading her Miranda rights. Chika also stated that she was detained on a metal sheet bus between her and other inmates for part of that time (she also released a video out of the bus). Chika’s full post is below.

During the clip, Chika mentions how she calmly confronted the police and asked why demonstrators were asked to leave the area. She remembers telling a police officer, “Hey, look me in the face. What are we doing wrong? Because this is a constitutional right to protest. “Chika said an official told her the event was an illegal protest that was used to justify the detention. She replied, “No, it’s not … you literally can’t tell me because everyone out there knows our rights. Chika added, “They said, ‘Well, someone set a police car on fire and because of them the whole thing is turned off. “

She continued:

It was a black policeman and he said he said,” Because someone set this car on fire, all you have to do is go home. ” And I said, “Well, if you can tell me whether a cop kills someone using that logic – and I said this to this man -” if a cop kills someone, your statement is, “Not all cops are bad. “and that’s exactly what we should believe, right? … So if a protester lights a fire, how is this whole thing – there are 10,000 people out there – how is this whole thing somehow illegal?”

The official Then said to Chika, “This conversation is over.” When she asked, “Why?” The officer walked away. She also mentions that there is video footage that confirms everything she said in the Instagram post.

Chika claims that she was arrested when she saw police officers approaching her manager who was trying to leave the protest at the time, and Chika then joined her manager so that she would not be locked up alone The officials said that she or other detained protesters had not been using the bathroom, drinking water, or eating for seven hours, and also mentioned that she was held in a maskless bus in a confined space separated by thin metal s Chika asked, “Can we go?” She heard officials say, “We’ll put the bodies in cages.” She claims that some people have been removed from the bus, but she remains in the vehicle.

Readers can learn more and donate to organizations that make a difference at the following links: The Bail Project, Reclaim the Block, Movement for Black Lives, Know Your Rights Camp, Campaign Zero, The Loveland Foundation and ACLU.


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