Queen Elizabeth – Buckingham Palace Releases Assertion About Her Well being After Prince Charles And Prime Minister Boris Johnson Check Optimistic For COVID-19


As those who keep up with the royal family know, Prince Charles and Boris Johnson tested positive for the new coronavirus strand COVID-19. That being said, many people are worried about the queen since she is 93 years old and is obviously close to people who are infected.

Is Queen Elizabeth properly isolated or is she in contact with her son or the British Prime Minister?

In response to such questions from the general public, Buckingham Palace has published an official statement on the health and current situation of the Queen, assuring the public that she is well and that she currently has no health problems.

Apparently she followed all reasonable advice regarding her well-being. Her Majesty the Queen remains in good health. The Queen last saw the Prime Minister on March 11th. "

However, it was not clarified whether the queen had already been tested or not.

After all, it is known that the virus has an incubation period of around two weeks, while humans may not have any symptoms.

At the same time, even those who get symptoms are generally flu-like, so a test is important to determine if the person has COVID-19 or not.

The Prime Minister and the Queen have met since the pandemic began, but are now practicing social distancing.

Prince Charles has been reported to be self-isolated with only mild symptoms.

Apparently, he continues to do his royal work by phone and has not been close to anyone since the diagnosis.


Queen Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip were not even in Buckingham Palace at the time and were instead in quarantine in their palace, where they have been since March 19.

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