Noah Mills Will Make You Sweat with New Athletic Line


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Courtesy of Tyler Ash for NM Athletics.

Toronto-born model Noah Mills, who is now based in Los Angeles, has recently completely redesigned his Venetian property, built in the 1950s.

The location, unknown to him, would lay the foundation for his next project: NM Athletics, a clothing line that came onto the market in early December, 5 years after he bought his 5,000 square meter property.

Its brand, which is anchored in a number of athletics-friendly parts. It is intended for training before, during and after training and conveys a feeling of the old school. It's a far cry from the technical brands that populate gyms lately.

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Courtesy of Tyler Ash for NM Athletics.

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After hosting dozens and dozens of major fashion campaigns, she played Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend in the music video “We Are Never Get Ever Together”. and when "FlyMiamiBro22" appeared in the episode inspired by PEN15's chat room, Mills wanted to try something new.

"I started working on it last February. I just got back from filming in New York and I really wanted to do something in the world of clothing," he says. "I wanted to do that from "backward athletics", and from then on I just went along – there is nothing technical about that! "

Now that his home in Venice is the headquarters of NM Athletics (design, shipping, packaging, reception), Mills speaks (and rocks) with his namesake, exclusively for W.

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Courtesy of Tyler Ash for NM Athletics.


Why did you launch NM Athletics?

It's just about being creative. I am very creative with clothes and my style. I always just wanted to do something that I wanted to wear all the time. I exercised a lot and sweated a lot, which made me feel both sporty and attractive.

What kind of products do you offer?

From my point of view, it's the right fit, the right weight, and a simple non-designer style. It looks good for boys compared to many other things that come out and feel that way … dainty. On the other side of the spectrum, it's an evolution of the fit and fabric of some really traditional things I'm wearing.

If you could give an abundance to three guys – living or dead – NM Athletics outfit, who would they be?

What a dream! Felipe López from Rice High School, Björn Borg, Bob Marley, Allen Iverson, Junior Seau. I mean, the list goes on and on.

What about the girls?

Good question, I want everyone to be on a leash! Gabriela Sabatini, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Marion Jones.

What was your product testing strategy? How crazy to train? Do a "sweat test"?

You know, I just did my routine in it many, many times. The good thing about making them on site in Los Angeles is that I had every single sample in my hands. So, it's like, "Oh, that's great, but if you can get in here a little, expand it a little there." However, most people will not see NM Athletics as a full-fledged training device. Think more of your stylish warm-up. It's so much of my inspiration – a cold day on the tennis court gets warm, I play a little ball and hit my pocket. I lift it up and definitely don't mind sweating in thick clothes. It is better to sweat in your clothes than in the whole gym.

Rapid Fire – throw out a list of words that define NM Athletics.

Athletics warm-up. Young Mike Tyson. 90s hip hop. East Coast. 90's Range Rovers. Pre-Instagram. ESPN. Can't we all get along? Health is wealth. Let it go on. Fab Five. Nostalgia.

Where do you want to take the Noah Mills brand next?

I really want to expand this idea of ​​thick, durable sportswear, but always something you want to wear outside of the gym. I have a t-shirt, a crew neck and a hoodie and a great compression shorts. I could possibly see something like NM WORKWEAR and NM HOME? Who knows. Let's see.

If NM Athletics had a Spotify playlist, what songs would be on it?

Come on, that's difficult. I hear so much. Out of the head – EPMDs "Da Joint", James Blakes "I & # 39; m Come Too" and Kanye West's "On God".

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Courtesy of Tyler Ash for NM Athletics.



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