Methods to Keep Impressed About Journey When Caught at Dwelling


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The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has a huge impact on the travel industry and can keep some people from traveling for a while. Maybe we should travel less or at least travel smarter and more sensibly. For those who want to be inspired by all things traveling and the beautiful places around the world, here are our suggestions that could help.

1. Watch travel shows on Netflix

As more and more countries force locks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it can easily get boring at home. Fortunately, services like Netflix offer a way to access a continuous amount of entertainment. In addition, there are tons of fantastic travel shows that give you insights into beautiful places around the world and keep your wanderlust going. Some of our favorite shows are trips with my father who follow Jack Whitehall as he explores different parts of the world with his older father. It is very entertaining to see as his father complains about many things that backpackers would love. Other top shows include Frozen Planet, Departures, and Dark Tourist, to name a few. Unfortunately, not all shows are available in every region, but see what's there for you. Another great streaming option (again depending on the region's availability) is the BBC iPlayer with shows like Sacred Wonders, Tropical Islands of the Earth and many more.

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