Methods to get Disney Plus without cost (Replace: Two week trial with Kellogg’s cereal)


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<p> <strong> Update: February 13, 2020: </strong> We updated this post with a new free two-week trial version of Disney Plus when you purchase a participating Kellogg cereal. </p>
<p> Disney Plus is without a doubt the biggest start in the history of the premium streaming service industry, and you can now stream not only tons of classic TV shows and movies from the huge Disney library, but several original ones as well -Shows and Movies. The price of Disney Plus is also quite reasonable. It costs $ 6.99 a month or $ 69.99 for an annual subscription. But is there a way to get Disney Plus for free? </p>
<p> Yes! Here are at least four ways to Get Disney Plus for free. If we discover other ways to get the service for free, we will add it to this article. </p>
<h2> 1. How to get Disney Plus for free: Seven-day trial </h2>
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<p> The easiest way to try Disney Plus for free. Just sign up for the service with the monthly or annual plan and you have seven days to Sign up for Disney Plus at: </p>
<li> Go to the Disney Plus website in your browser and see two subscription options: one costs $ 6.99 a month, the other 69 $ 99 for an annual subscription, and both offer users a seven-day free trial. Even if you sign up now, on November 12, your credit or debit card will not be charged until November 19. </li>
<li> You will then prompted for the email address you entered want to use for your Disney Plus account. You must agree to the company's privacy policy and subscriber agreement. You can then tap the “Agree and continue” field for the next phase. </li>
<li> Then create a personal password for your account. After entering this, tap "Next". </li>
<li> Now it's time to enter your payment information. You can either enter your credit / debit card information or use a PayPal account. When you’ve filled out the payment information, tap the "Agree and continue" button. </li>
<li> That was it! </li>
<p> If you choose to delete Disney Plus at any time, simply cancel your subscription before the seven-day free trial ends. You shouldn't be charged for the seven days you use it. </p>
<h2> 2. One year free for Verizon Wireless and Internet customers </h2>
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<p> Verizon Wireless has announced that unlimited mobile customers can get Disney Plus for free for a year, with specific plans for the free year for the streaming service "Go Unlimited", "Beyond Unlimited", "Above Unlimited", "Get More Unlimited", "Do More Unlimited", "Play More Unlimited" and "Start Unlimited." The free year is neither for prepaid tariffs nor for business -Wireless plans available. </p>
<p> If you are a new Verizon Wireless customer, you can claim your free year for Disney Plus by creating your My and logging into My Verizon account, you can either on the My Verizon website or through the My Veriz on-app. Once you sign in, you should see the Disney Plus promotion. Click the Get Disney + selection and continue with the normal registration process for the service. </p>
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New customers for Verizon's Fios consumer internet service can also get the free year of Disney Plus. This also applies to new and current customers of Verizon's 5G home internet service. The bad news? Current Fios internet users are not eligible for the free Disney Plus year.

If you've already signed up for Disney Plus and happen to be an unlimited Verizon customer, you can still get this free year. You can sign up for the free offer through Verizon, but it does not automatically replace your previously purchased subscription. Verizon should send you an email with information on how to manage your pre-purchased Disney Plus subscription.

3. Disney Park employees can get Disney Plus for free.

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<p> If you are in a Disney parks such as Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida are available to request a free Disney Plus subscription, which, according to WDW News Today, allows those employees (who the company calls "cast members") to take advantage of this free offer January 2020. The offer will be the special package that includes Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in one package, which typically costs $ 12.99 a month. </p>
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Unfortunately, these performers have to choose between the free Disney Plus bundle or the Disney Parks Main admission ticket. This offer allows employees to give free tickets to family members and friends at Disney Parks.

4. Delta SkyMiles members can get a two-week free trial of Disney Plus

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<p> If you are a current or new member of Delta SkyMiles and are traveling on certain routes of the airline, there is good news.You can download Disney Plus for free with a new two-week Get trial instead of the standard one-week free trial. You’ll need to go to a dedicated website on the Disney Plus website and enter a code for the free trial. This is only for new Disney Plus members. Delta passengers can also select Disney Plus -View content on your in-flight entertainment system. </p>
<h2> 5. Get a two-week free trial by purchasing Kelloggs Cereal products </h2>
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<p> The newest Way to get Disney Plus for free comes from Kellogg & # 39; s. Yes, the grain company offers new US Disney Plus subscribers a free two-week trial by purchasing participating Kellogg grain products, including Rice Krispies, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Crispix, Apple Jacks, and Corn Flakes. If you buy any of these cereals, you will need to take a photo of your receipt along with the box of Kellogg cereals you bought within 30 days of purchase. </p>
<p> Then go to a special website and register. Upload the image you just created on the website for free. You should receive a special code in the email you registered with that you can use when signing up for Disney Plus to receive this extended two-week free trial. You must purchase Kellogg cereal by March 29 to qualify for this free Disney Plus offer. </p>
<h3> Other Contributions to <span> Disney Plus </span> </h3>
<p> Sign Up for Disney? Plus? </p>
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