Mesa Biotech beneficial properties emergency FDA approval for fast, point-of-care COVID-19 take a look at – trendzhq


The United States Food and Drug Administration (19459002) (FDA) uses its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) powers to expand the pool of available COVID-19 test resources in the United States. Now you can add another quick test that gives results to the list in just 30 minutes. The Mesa test is also small enough to be used directly on the front of care, even in clinics and hospitals. Several tests can be carried out in parallel.

Mesa's rapid test follows one from Cepheid, which was approved on Monday. Both are PCR-based molecular tests that identify the presence of virus DNA in a patient's mucus sample. Both tests prevent an important expansion of the technologies available to those who want to combat the spread of the new coronavirus because they can deliver laboratory-quality results, but much faster and without sample transport from the time of collection to external testing facilities.

On-site testing not only has advantages in terms of convenience and quick return of results, but also in limiting the potential exposure of medical personnel to the virus itself. On-site testing means that you are not worried about possible exposure must face the virus when there are more people in the chain, including logistics and delivery staff, as well as laboratory technicians and dedicated diagnosticians.

For these tests, the facilities must be equipped with the Accula test system from Mesa. However, the devices are already used to test the flu and other less serious devices. They were originally developed to be used at the forefront of combating global pandemics, including SARS previously.


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