Meghan McCain Says Whoopi Goldberg Predicted Her Being pregnant


After Meghan McCain recently announced that she was pregnant, she returned to The View.

"Thank you, I can hear the applause," said McCain as she logged on from home. "We're excited, a little surprised. It's bittersweet because a lot of people are in great pain right now. I would obviously prefer to be in the studio with all of you, but my doctors … recommended against it. I think everyone knows that this was not a smooth path to motherhood. It takes a lot of physical, mental and emotional strength to get here, and I think like many women it just wasn't a straight line. "

She added: "I kind of didn't know if I would ever become a mother. I keep trying to remember that people have had babies in much worse and more intense conditions, and that's exactly how it will be for a while. I think it will be one Give time and a place to talk more about it, but I think America just wants to talk about the corona virus right now. "

The 35-year-old thanked her fans and co-moderato ren Whoopi Goldberg Sunny Hostin and guest discussants Sara Haines for their best.


She also shared her and her husband Ben Domenech "are just completely overwhelmed by all the kindness."


During the Wednesday section, McCain also said that her co-host Goldberg "told her about a year ago that I was going to have a child and she told me the gender."

"You were 100 percent correct," added McCain affectionately. "And that doesn't help me that you have psychological skills. I said to my mother: & # 39; Whoopi was right in everything, including the timing!" So whatever that is worth. "

" Well, you know, "Whoopi replied." Fortunately, it works. I'm very satisfied. I am happy for you. Whenever people celebrate the possibility of birth, I think it's a good thing. "

"Thank you all for all the kind words and wishes." @ MeghanMcCain joins us for the first time since the announcement that she is pregnant and says that she and her husband Ben are "just completely overwhelmed by all the kindness." ❤️[19459004 female. – The View (@TheView) March 25, 2020

The late daughter of the Senator John McCain announced on March 22 via Instagram that she was expecting her first child eight months after a miscarriage.

"My husband Ben and I were blessed to find out that I am pregnant," she wrote. "Although I did not expect to announce my pregnancy, we and our families are happy to share the news with you all."

"I consulted with my doctors and they recommended this to me for safety reasons Of our baby and myself, I should be particularly vigilant when it comes to limiting the number of people we come into contact with. I will now join the millions of Americans who are self-isolating to prevent the spread of COVID. 19, "she said on Instagram, referring to the outbreak of the corona virus." As a result, I will appear on The View from home via satellite. "


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