Meet the 2020 Worldwide Woolmark Prize Finalists


What were some of your biggest challenges during this development?

The intensive tests performed to determine what can be considered high quality wool under the Woolmark certification program. Many brands and certificates made of cotton or fair goods can simply be bought – they are not required by law. As designers, we don't have to be lazy and actually visit every facet of our supply chain to make sure it's authentic and secure.

Can you speak to a few other ways you can achieve sustainability within your brand?

We regenerate marine waste into jersey, organic cotton, recycle water waste in regenerative farms and inform consumers about the recycling and repair of clothing. We never produce in bulk and everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly, appropriately paid and respected.

Any advice for aspiring designers on how to maintain sustainable brand building practices?

Never drop the ball. Don't push to keep to the existing schedule. Focus on excellent work, regardless of the time it takes. The schedule is archaic and irrelevant.


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