Listed here are our picks for the most effective Netflix actuality reveals together with Tiger King


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Netflix may be home to award-winning and critically acclaimed TV shows and movies with scripts, but the streaming service has increasingly given its audience more original reality- Shows provided. The launch of Tiger King in late March, when the outbreak of the corona virus forced many people to stay at home, became a massive phenomenon in pop culture. But what other Netflix reality shows are there to watch besides Tiger King?

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That's exactly what we're going to discover. The list of Netflix Reality TV shows includes contest series, documentaries about toys and whether you can fall in love without seeing your partner. Let's take a look at the best Netflix reality shows.

Best Netflix Reality Shows

1. Tiger King

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Tiger King has the best parts of a Netflix reality show; a huge cast of crazy characters, along with a series hook that's hard to resist. However, as it turns out, Tiger King has more to do with Netflix & # 39; crime documentary shows like The Devil Next Door or Making a Murderer. Looking into the life of “Joe Exotic” and the others who want to take care of wild tigers in captivity is funny at first, but becomes much more serious when we learn more about the main crimes that Joe and others are accused of. Still, this is a show that has fascinated people for a reason, and that's why it's on our list of the best Netflix Reality TV shows.

2. Queer Eye

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The restart of this reality series has surpassed the original Queer Eye for Brave's Straight Guy show in many ways. Now in its fourth season, Queer Eye follows the same formulas; Five people who are experts in fashion, food, and design are trying to fix people so that they are the best they can be. It's not just people who need to be fixed. This show also shows women who are also experiencing major changes.

3. Cleaning up with Marie Kondo

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There is only one season of this great series to watch, but it's worth it. Marie Kondo may not speak much English, but the Japanese organizer has the universal organizational language that he can use. She helps others take responsibility for their homes and lives on this show. Her catchphrase of keeping only the items that "make someone happy" continues to be used by people who want to manage their things.

4th nailed

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This isn't just one of the best Netflix reality shows, one of the funniest. It's basically the anti-back competition show. Bakers who should never be left near flour or frosting have the task of replicating a complicated baked good. The end results are almost never pretty, but that's the whole point. Competitors know they're bad bakers, but they still go out of their way to achieve their goal no matter what.

5. The circle

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This The Circle is the perfect reality competition show for that era. 100 people are sequesters in a residential building and everyone has their own room. You can communicate with each other via text and a special social media app. Players rate each other and those with the lowest ratings are removed until a winner is determined. The catch is that every person has control over their social media profile. You can choose to show and tell the truth about yourself, or you can create false profiles in the app. Will they lie or stay loyal if they influence their way to the top of the ratings?

6. Fastest car

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Many car fans love to see the latest million dollar super sports cars on tracks that look brand new and chic. Others prefer older vehicles, which they can modify to make them go faster. So which is better? That is what this series of competitions is supposed to find out. Exotic new cars like the McLaren 650S or the Lamborghini Huracán drive against a modified Ford Thunderbird from 1967 or even a Dodge from 1927. It's pure car fun and one of the best Netflix reality shows.

7. The toy that made us

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Toys have massively impressed millions of children over the decades. However, the stories behind the creation of toy lines like Star Trek, He-Man, Barbie and others make an even bigger impression on us as adults. These reality documentaries tell the untold stories about how popular toy lines came about, how they became a large part of pop culture and how many of them remain iconic and well remembered to this day.

8. Love is blind

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The The best Netflix reality show list would not be complete without this dating series. Like The Bachelor, Love is Blind is about finding the right person. The twist is that participants can hear others speak, but cannot see them in their closed rooms. The men have to ask the women to marry them in just 10 days, or it's over for them. After 10 days, the newly engaged couples go to an exotic tropical place to really get to know each other in less than a month before their planned wedding. Is true love blind or do we need more than words to fall in love? This show has a lot of fun finding out, even with some emotional things.


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