Kate Middleton Is Infatuated With These 4 Pieces of Jewelry


When it comes to Kate Middleton’s jewelry, everyone immediately thinks of the legendary sapphire and diamond engagement ring that she received from the personal collection of the late Princess Diana. It’s striking, full of history, and probably priceless. Nevertheless, the rest of her jewelry box is also worth a look, even if the pieces are not quite as famous. For starters, it contains a pair of earrings, also from Lady Di, that almost match her legendary ring.

Kate Middleton clearly plays favorites with her royal jewelry, as she is routinely photographed with the same pieces over and over again. Your Annoushka pearl earrings are definitely one of my favorites. They are practical and subtle, but timeless and chic – the perfect combination if you ask me. Scroll down to see Kate Middleton’s favorite earrings and necklaces, and buy pieces without royal price tags.


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