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Justin Bieber's "Changes" is here and he brought some friends to celebrate – including Travis Scott! Kylie Jenner's baby dad appeared on "Second Emotion" and the song is incredible.

Changes have gone through Justin Bieber's feelings, and on his new album released on February 14th, he felt exposed to a "second emotion". He didn't feel alone because the album's title includes his friend and frequent collaborator Travis Scott . In the lyrics, both Justin and Travis wonder if the women they're interested in think the same way they do. "I'd rather take my chance with you. Do you support this emotion? "Justin sings. Listen to the whole song below.

Travis and Justin have worked together a few times. Travis (back when he was traveling with Travi $) appeared on Bieb's & # 39; No Sense "track, out of 2015. The same year, Justin made guest appearances on Travis' debut album Rodeo. He appeared alongside Young Thug in "Maria I am Drunk", the title called "Hypnotic Masterpiece" by Rodeo. Regarding the connection between Justin and Kylie Jenner before Travis, he told Billboard that Bieber had contacted him about a possible collaboration. Justin, during his vacation in Hawaii, FaceTimed Travis, to let him know that he wanted to work together. Travis immediately thought of "Maria, I'm drunk". La Flame had taken it on during the tour, and a version without beavers had already leaked.

Adding Justin to the mix would give the song a much-needed refresh. Travis sent the track and “he called me the next day like“ Yo, come to the studio. ”As soon as I was in the studio, he played it for me. He had already done [his rap verse on it]. It was fucking crazy and produced about it. It's so pure! "

"I'm a Bieber fan, man!" Travis told Billboard. "The child is sick! The "runaway" remix he made with Kanye [ West ] when I was in high school was incredible! "He also revealed that" Drugs You Should Try It ", one of his tracks from the Days Before Rodeo mixtape, was directly inspired by one of his" favorite songs ", Justin's" All That Matters ". Given Justin's friendship with Travis & # 39; Baby Mama Kylie Jenner and her big sister Kendall Jenner this pairing of Biebs and La Flame only seems to be meant that way.

Changes mark Justin's return to music after his departure in 2017 after a severe burnout case (as depicted in his YouTube Originals documentaries, Seasons, a Severe Battle Against Mental Health and Drug Addiction). In addition to Travis, changes feature appearances by Kehlani ("Get Me"), Lil Dicky ("Running Over"), Quavo ("Intentions"), Post Malone, and Clever ("Forever").


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