Journey Quiz – What is the Capital? (World Version)


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 Travel Quiz - What is the Capital - (World Edition) "load =" lazy "class =" native-lazyload-js-fallback "data-src =" https: //–-What's-the-capital-world-edition-150x150.jpg  travel quiz - What is the capital ? - (World Edition)

How well do you know your capitals? Take our fun quiz and see. Below you will find questions and can choose which city you think is correct from the multiple choice options. There are 25 questions below. Have fun and no cheating.

Degree of difficulty: medium

Please note that Javascript must be activated on your computer for the quiz to work properly! 1945


1. What is the capital of Germany

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<p> <img loading= Correct questions # people 81-100% 61-80% 41-60% 21-40% 0-20%

Number of degrees:

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Flag images from Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay.

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