Issues to Know When Planning a Journey to Go to Georgia


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Georgia has recently grown in popularity as a travel destination. This country on the edge of Europe and Asia beckons with imposing mountain peaks, ancient monasteries and a fantastic wine culture. Before you pack your bags and set off, you can prepare for your trip by reading our list of things to consider when visiting Georgia.

The layout of Georgia

Georgia is a mountainous country bordering the Black Sea in the west, Turkey in the southwest, Armenia in the south, Azerbaijan in the southeast and Russia in the north.

The land area of ​​Georgia is 69,700 square kilometers, comparable to the Republic of Ireland and Sri Lanka. The Greater Caucasus mountain range stretches across most of northern Georgia, while steppes, lower Caucasus and forests are ubiquitous in the central and southern regions.

Traffic in Georgia

Most travelers arrive by plane either to Tbilisi – the capital – or via Kutaisi in Georgia. Low-cost airlines offer direct flights to Kutaisi Airport from many western European cities. Tbilisi is an important hub for flights from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

It is very easy to travel in Georgia yourself. Tbilisi has an extensive bus and metro system that makes it relatively easy to explore the city. The train is a popular means of transport on the Tbilisi – Gori – Kutaisi – Batumi route. For other long-distance trips, however, it is more convenient to drive a Marshrutka. Basically, these minibuses are shared taxis that operate in all corners of the country. Especially in Tbilisi with its large Marshrutka stations, you can go to popular destinations such as Kakheti, Kazbegi and Svaneti from there.

plan time for relatively short trips; The roads are steep and winding, while massive trucks crossing the mountain passes to Russia cause more delays.

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