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Good morning.

We report a shock to federal inspectors Death of singer-songwriter John Prine and elections in Wisconsin .

On March 2, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, "When you say what happened in other countries and what happened here, we don’t even think that it will be as bad as it was in other countries. “

Over a month later, the New York City region has the most cases in the United States and far more than many countries. More than 138,000 people in the state have tested positive for the virus.

A serious outbreak in New York was probably inevitable – and an unorganized federal response did not help – but state and city officials were also hampered by their problems, confused leadership, disregarded warnings, late decisions, and political clashes, a Times review has shown.

Relatives: After two days of encouraging numbers, Mr. Cuomo announced the state's highest one-day total number of virus-related deaths on Tuesday: 731. New Jersey and Connecticut also reported one-day highs, although officials pointed to signs that the spread of the virus slowed down. Here are the latest updates from our subway counter.

Another aspect: The New York transit agency was slow to provide protection for workers, and now a lack of staff has made it difficult to compensate for them by running a diminished system. The average waiting time for some trains, usually four minutes, has increased to 40.

Long queues and fears of the Corona virus have not prevented thousands from voting in state elections on Tuesday in the city, which include races such as the Democratic President and Democratic President an important seat of the state's Supreme Court was decided.

Due to a court decision, the results will not be published until next week, but procedural problems have arisen. Some representatives of the contracting states predicted that final figures would be challenged.

Background: The election took place after Wisconsin's republican-dominated legislature rejected the Democratic Governor's request to send postal ballot papers to everyone to move voters or elementary school. The Supreme State Court, controlled by conservative judges, then overturned the governor's decision to postpone the election until June. Read more about the history of the dispute.

Quote: "It feels bad to choose between your personal security and your right to vote," said Dan Bullock in Milwaukee. "But you have to be heard."

What's next? Voting rights experts said the Wisconsin election could be an example of what could happen across the country if no new voting methods are implemented during the outbreak, possibly including the November general election.

Much of the World Wants to Kill Over time, the demand for puzzles has risen above the level normally seen at Christmas. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison even allowed people to leave the house to buy them.

We went to a puzzle factory in Germany to learn more about a careful process that is now colliding with a sudden flood of orders.

New White House press secretary: Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump's campaign spokeswoman, was named as successor to Stephanie Grisham who took the job nine months stayed long. Ms. Grisham did not hold any with a president who likes to hold his own briefings, and Ms. McEnany will not expect this either.

Snapshot: Above, Ying Ying and Le Le, two giant pandas that finally got in the mood after 13 years living together in a Hong Kong zoo. The two members of the famous low libido species mated this week, a reason to celebrate in the animal welfare world.

Late Night Comedy: The hosts were worried when Wisconsin pushed ahead with his choice. "Crowds of people sharing pens and older election workers – it's a coronavirus all-you-can-eat buffet," said Trevor Noah.

What we read: This GQ feature about the Kenyan elite runner Eliud Kipchoge. "Come and photograph the fastest marathon runner in history in couture," said Talya Minsberg, sports editor. "Stay for the words of Knox Robinson and the wisdom that Kipchoge shares."

Cook: Melissa Clark writes: "A large bowl I longed for garlic and birch trees today, probably for the natural reaction of mine Body on top of all the poundcakes and cookies that I possessed. "

Watch: Is Drake's new single Toosie Slide", a TikTok or a song? Our critic Jon Caramanica examines the question Formally we found a lot of good dance to stream, and if it's been a while since you saw Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" (maybe you never saw it before?), This could be the day.

Do you: Do the children quarrel? We asked a bouncer, a kindergarten teacher, a hockey referee, a marriage and family therapist and a police officer: How do you stop a fight? Then we found out How to do agriculture in your home.

We have ideas on what to read, cook, watch, and do while you are safe at home.

Stephen Castle, the London correspondent for the Times, reported on the outbreak of the British Corona virus and personal experiences by Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Covid-19. Melina Delkic from the briefings team spoke to him.

Guide us through Boris Johnson's state.

We heard on Tuesday that it was stable overnight and still in intensive care. They said critically that he had received some oxygen, but was not ventilated or needed invasive treatment.

His pregnant girlfriend Carrie Symonds tweeted about symptoms, but we have no evidence that she was suffering from anything as serious as Boris Johnson.

What is the mood like in Great Britain at the moment?

The announcement contained a lot of surprises and some shock

Really by Thursday and even Friday it was planned that he would come out of self-isolation on Friday, seven days after his diagnosis would have been. Then he made a kind of shaky video himself at home explaining his situation where he didn't look terrible but didn't look great either. As far as we knew.

What are the big questions about leadership in this time of crisis?

It caused something like a power vacuum. We are in a fairly unpredictable position where we are somewhat unclear about how the government is run. There is no written constitution.

The foreign minister, Dominic Raab, represents the prime minister, but there seems to be a feeling at the moment that everything is going wrong for the government in an incredible way, critical time for the country.

That was & # 39; s for this briefing. Until next time.

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