How you can Plan a Multi-Vacation spot Journey in Africa


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If you want to visit several countries in Africa, a bit more planning is required than a trip to America or even to Europe. In large part because the transport systems in Africa are not so well developed and it can sometimes be a challenge to switch between destinations in the country (but one that is worthwhile). The next big decision you need to make is which countries you want to make on your trip. Just keep in mind that Africa is a huge continent and you could spend months traveling through the amazing cities, countries and national parks that make up this amazing part of the world.

The best way to visit several African countries is to plan your trip by region. Since it will be difficult (and time consuming) to get from country to country by train or bus, you will mainly travel by plane. Once in the country, you can move around differently depending on the country. A word to the wise – you are traveling in "Africa time". Not all modes of transport use a schedule or a schedule. Sometimes the bus runs when it is full. If you adopt this setting, you will save yourself many moments of frustration. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

This article provides suggestions for places to visit in Africa that you can add to your multi-destination itinerary. Including accommodations and the best way to get to and from any destination. We also suggest highlights for each goal, but you can change your plans based on your budget and timeline. So sit back and enjoy the ride as we show you how to plan a multi-destination trip to see Africa!

Where should I start?

Choosing a good starting point is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your trip. If you visit the destinations listed below, we will start in Senegal, West Africa, and then drive north and east through North Africa through Morocco and Ethiopia before heading to Tanzania along the Swahili coast. We end our trip to the great country of South Africa.

Senegal is a good starting point since Dakar is a global business center and flights to the capital from the United States and Europe are quite cheap. If you follow this route, you should be able to get direct flights between these countries.

When to go?

If you plan your trip to Africa, you have to adjust your visit to the rainy and dry season and when the animal migration takes place. This is the key, because an African safari is something you don't want to miss! You won't be able to get the best weather in all the places you'll visit. However, if you travel between September and January, you are guaranteed to see part of the wildebeest migration in Tanzania.

Here, too, Africa is such a huge continent with so many sights that it is not practical to determine the best time to visit all of the countries listed on our trip with several travel destinations / regions.

Switch between destinations in Africa

It is really not practical to travel between destinations in Africa, to take a bus or a train. Good news! There are some major global and regional airlines operating on the continent and you can find and book them online through websites such as Google Flights, KAYAK or Skyscanner. If you are from the United States, it may be better to book your flights through Europe than to fly non-stop. This saves money and enables more flexibility.

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Country 3: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a magical country with ancient and spiritual roots. They have the beauty of wild mountains and the impressive religious architecture that attracts visitors to this amazing country. Addis is a modern capital with fantastic food and great sights.

Some highlights of Ethiopia

  • Visit Lucy at the National Museum – You will see ancient history like no other place you have ever been, including the 2.3 million year old fossil hominid "Lucy".
  • Shop at Merkato – Visit the largest open-air market in Africa, and while you stroll through the winding corridors, the smell of spices and roasted coffee will awaken your senses.
  • Visit the rock churches of Lalibela – See eleven medieval churches, all carved out of massive volcanic rock slabs!
  • Visit to the Medieval City of Gondar – The "Kamelot of Africa" ​​is the place of the castle where Ethiopian emperors and princesses lived in the Middle Ages.

Trip to Ethiopia

Here are some tours you might like:

Length of stay

Due to the size of Ethiopia and some places that are quite a hike, it is best to spend a whole week in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Airlines is the best airline in Africa. So it's a breeze to book a cheap flight to the locations on your itinerary.


Accommodations in Ethiopia are spartan compared to locations where you may have lived in Europe or the United States. The hospitality and cultural enrichment you take with you from Ethiopia will more than make up for the lack of amenities in many hotels. However, Addis has some exceptional accommodations that you might love!

Read more

For more information on attractions in Ethiopia, see our post: The 10 Best and Most Amazing Attractions in Ethiopia.

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