How Park and Recreation’s Ron Swanson Would Deal with Coronavirus


If there was a person in Pawnee who was prepared for a situation like the corona virus, it would be Ron Swanson.

While we work from home, we are inevitably thrown into a television program during our lunch break. For a perfect pick-me-up and one of our definitely witty concerns is Parks and Recreation.

Watching the series again for the millionth time, it's easy to imagine how Ron would deal with this pandemic, including the likely retreat to his cabin and life outside the power grid (but still with bacon).

His independence, restraint and independence were always funny on the show, but now we find each other again. We want to channel these characteristics ourselves when we distance ourselves socially from the world.

In honor of the nature-loving, grumpy character, we have summarized some of his best moments from the series, which turn out to be pretty wise advice in these times.

The best? As soon as NBC's new streaming service, Peacock, launches in April, you can watch all of its best parks and recreation episodes, which are really all.

Until then, check out Ron's best moments when we take a side from below!

When he pioneered social distancing

At the moment we know that it is important to be at least one meter away from someone to practice social distancing, but it is it turns out that Ron always did this habit as in the clip above when he turned away from contacting any residents.

Avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor

We keep hearing how it is best not to go to the doctor unless it is needed, but Ron took it to the extreme when he decided to become his own dentist for the day and pull out his front tooth.

When he alone was enjoying the fresh air

While we spend a lot of time on our couch and watching Netflix, it is absolutely safe to go outside and get some fresh air raise your spirits as long as you are away from others. So take a side from Ron, who is a man of nature and (as seen above) enjoys a sunny day outside alone.

If he kept the Internet away (for his own health)

It is important to keep up to date, but sometimes too much information can arouse our fear. While it may be too difficult to be like Ron and avoid the Internet entirely, it is definitely worth deleting any apps or websites that make you stressed.

When he really devoted himself to a hobby

Since we are not going out with friends or going to the movies as usual, now is the perfect opportunity to try a new hobby with all the extra time on our hands. Perhaps you will get into woodworking like Ron and you can also give your employees a handmade canoe!

Just take it from Nick Offerman

Don't you believe us that Ron would thrive during this time? Then take it from Nick Offerman himself when he was at night with Seth Meyers earlier this month.

Seth Meyers asked Offerman how his character would deal with coronavirus and after Offerman joked "he wouldn’t notice it," he said, "[Ron] his family would simply become one of his Bring huts in the woods where he was going anyway, and they would just go fishing and a few things from his back yard until things were over. "

Then he ended his prediction about Ron with:" If the shit goes down, Ron is done. "

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