Halsey Slams Fans Who Ask To Take Pics With Her While Protesting – ‘Don’t Even Ask!’


It is a protest, not a meet and greet! As you may know, Halsey joined the Black Lives Matter protesters on the streets to fight for a better future without racism and police brutality, but it looks like some people have taken this opportunity to take selfies ask!

In response, the singer used social media to make it clear that she was currently not ready to take photos with someone and asked her not to ask any more!

“Don’t even ask me, I won’t say yes.” That’s not the point here, “tweeted the celebrity.

The 25-year-old artist was at the forefront of the Los Angeles protests in response to the senseless murder of George Floyd.

The black man lost his life after a policeman knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes and released him not long after his reaction.

The singer is just one of many who have been outraged by another tragedy in the African American community caused by police brutality.

In fact, more than ever, the issue has resonated with people around the world, thousands and thousands of people from outside the United States have also protested!

According to Halsey’s post, many supporters agreed to her request and commented on things like, “If you are a fan of H and see that she is protesting near you, respect her. March with her. Protest with her. Let your vote listen to her, fight with her against racism, scream furiously at her. “/” Everyone, please listen to this !!!!! H is not there to meet and greet – she is there with everyone else to fight systematic racism. ”

A third commentator wrote in capital letters to indicate how upset they were about it: “When people go to protest, they only know that there will be a celebration that is absolutely disgusting. Think about what these protests are about and think about what we are all working on. (Note: it is not a damn picture or a sequence of ur fav). ”



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