Gwyneth Paltrow Says Her Teen Daughter Apple Is Actually Embarrassed By Her – ‘She’s Mortified!’


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and part of several superhero films. Still, her daughter Apple Martin still sees her as an embarrassing mother. The celebrity opened around the age of 15 and how sometimes she is so ashamed because of her that she really blushes!

While on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she talked to the episode's guest host, John Legend, and told him all about her relationship with her boys.

After John noticed that both parents are and that there is a point where children stop thinking that their parents are cool and instead "ashamed" of them, Gwyneth said that "[My kids] was almost 16 Years old and 14 years old I don't know how that happened. "

"Is it possible that you, as one of the coolest women in the world, could embarrass your children?" Asked John and asked Gwyneth to reveal: "My daughter finds me shameful. If I do something in public do [that is] without talking and just standing still, she says: "Stop it!" She is 16 years old in May. When I dance she turns red. "

Then they talked about TikTok before the subject of Apple's learning permit came up for discussion.

The actress said: “She is driving us to school in the morning. It's crazy. It's so weird, she's really a good driver. I try to be calm and the first time I really failed as a mother – because she went through a red light. And I shouted at her. And then she started to cry and it was terrible. I felt so bad. So I was "okay, I'll be cold". Now she is an amazing driver.

As it turns out, Apple is very similar to her, although Apple is so embarrassed by her mother!

One way they resemble each other is that the teenager appears to have inherited her mother's "street rage" at the wheel.


Obviously the actress knows all too well that it doesn't do anything to yell at other drivers on the road, but apparently that's how she brings out her frustrations.

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