Greatest Experiences in Eire for Foodies


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Ireland has been blessed with some of the best ingredients that help make the best cuisine in the world. If you are an extreme foodie, Ireland is the place to go for a fantastic dining experience. From fabulous food tours to beer and whiskey-inspired dishes to fantastic food markets, Ireland is a unique food paradise. So pull up a chair and experience the best experiences in Ireland for foodies.

Eat your way along the Burren Food Trail, Burren

Burren in Country Clare hosts an incredible gastronomic event that foodies will love. The Burren Food Trail is not only a local food station, but also part of the restaurant, market and grocery store.

The trail takes you every Monday in October on a journey from the farm to the fork through the Irish countryside, following one of the 5 themed trails. You will uncover the path your food takes from the field to the table. The Burren Food Trail celebrates the best local culinary experiences in this beautiful area with limestone karst, cliffs and caves. It's a nice way to meet the locals behind this foodie event.

Visit the Old Bushmills Distillery, Bushmills

The Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland offers breathtaking scenery, and foodies should take a little detour to the quaint village of Bushmill. Ireland's oldest working distillery is on the banks of the Bush River. A tour of the 400-year-old Bushmills Distillery will reveal the secrets of its legendary whiskey.

After seeing how this rich and smooth whiskey is made, head to the former owners house – The Distillers Arms. You will be spoiled with a great meal where cuts from local butchers such as sirloin steak and leg of lamb are celebrated.

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