Google Is Slowly Requiring Nest Customers To Use Two-Issue Authentication


Two-factor authentication is recommended by many companies, but is not always mandatory. However, if you are a Nest user, the feature will appear to be a requirement soon, and Google has recently announced that it will implement the feature slowly.

Google had announced earlier this year that it would start working this spring. 2FA is required for all Nest accounts, and users must activate the feature or migrate their accounts to a Google account. However, we imagine that there are likely to be some users who didn't know about it or didn't get it, but it looks like this decision has been made for you since then.

According to Google, those who do If their feature has not been activated or migrated, their accounts will receive an email from Nest when they try to log in to their accounts. This can be problematic if you prefer not to have to check your emails all the time and if you don't want your inbox to build up with these 2FA codes.

However, the advantage is that at least users who may not have activated the function are still protected. If you don't want to receive spam with these emails, you'll need to enable the feature by associating your phone number with the app, or migrate to a Google Account if you want to consolidate your online accounts.

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