Galaxy Observe 9 March replace breaks some system shows


It looks like pixel owners aren't the only people having trouble with the March update. Several Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users have experienced serious viewing issues since the March security patch update.

Users reported screen discoloration, heating issues, and lower screen resolutions in the Samsung Community Forum. These include a green and yellow hue on the displays, grainy black lines when the brightness of the devices automatically adapts to lower values, and screen resolutions that randomly fall after the handsets overheat.

Neither restarting or resetting the devices to the factory settings seem to do this. Correct the problems. Some users have reported that this can temporarily repair their devices, but the problems always occur in time.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Samsung is very good either helpful. So far, the company's response has been to direct users to a local service center. This would likely require users to pay for out-of-pocket repair, as many devices are no longer guaranteed. This is currently particularly difficult as many Samsung certified repair locations are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, this issue is likely related to the software (it was eventually introduced with a software update), so there is no telling whether these issues can be resolved at a service center.

Apart from that, this is not the case. It doesn't look like Samsung still has an official fix in line. We hope that the company will soon release a patch for affected Galaxy Note 9 owners, as the security update issues in March caused the device owners to make no mistakes.

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