Future Apple Watches May Come With Consumer Replaceable Modules


One of the problems with many devices is that sometimes you get reviews where, depending on the person and their needs, some like a product and others don't. Some may like it a lot, but would like to see certain features that could be added or changed. Basically, it is difficult to make everyone happy.

This is where the concept of modular devices comes in, and it seems that this is something Apple is studying for the Apple Watch. This is in the form of a recently discovered patent, which indicates that the Apple Watch may in the future be supplied with user-replaceable modules that allow it to customize its watch and features.

The description of the patent states: “The modular configurations allow a user to easily customize a watch with one or more function modules to provide functions that can be integrated with other functions of the watch body. The function modules can be easily interchanged to provide different components and functions at different times. “

For example, users who are more interested in workouts can add certain sensors and modules that are specific to fitness. It could also be tailored to specific medical needs, such as: B. glucose sensors and so on. So far, there have been a few attempts to develop third-party accessories for the Apple Watch, although admittedly none of them have really made much progress.

Other than that, there is a patent. It is not clear whether Apple actually intends to do this, but it is a good idea that may be worth exploring.

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