Emma Roberts’s Cute $60 Mango Prime Is a Foolproof Buy


There are some purchases that I struggle with for days. I pin it to my secret Pinterest board, compare it to everything else on my wish list, and take into account the specific places and occasions I will wear it. And then there are other purchases that I do immediately, especially if they are cheap and have a versatile silhouette. Emma Robert's latest mango blouse, my friends, was the latter: I clicked Add to Cart as soon as I saw it.

For starters, I find the square neckline very flattering and perfect to show off a pretty necklace. The slightly puffed sleeves are also trendy, while the leopard print is an absolute classic. Oh, and the $ 60 label is cheap for an item I get a lot of wear from. In other words, what's not to love? Scroll down to see how Roberts styled her with flared jeans and lace-up boots, and shop for the trend yourself.


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