Dwayne Wade Speaks On How He Continues To Empower His Son Amidst All The Bullying Relating to His Sexuality


You probably know that a lot of people came to Dwayne Wade's son on social media this week, and the proud father wasn't here for it. He always stood by his 12-year-old son Zion, no matter what, and Gabrielle Union always offered her full support.

Watch a video shared by The Shade Room in which Dwayne talks about how he supports his children, especially Zion, whose sexuality has brought severe criticism to her family.

What he had to say in the clip sparked a massive debate in the comments.

Someone showed support and said: & # 39; This is the kind of energy we need from the black community in 2020 !!! & # 39; are terrible. Imagine that you are raising your children in an environment where they cannot deal with you or yourself honestly and openly. It will drive them into depression. "

Another commentator wrote: "The agenda they are driving is a mystery to me. I think he lives on behalf of his son. "Listen, God doesn't make mistakes."

One person disagreed and said, "I have to respectfully disagree, and the rest of you!" How can I be a man of God and accept that? Definitely not Jose 🙅🏾‍♂️. We also have to teach the children life after death. "

Someone else wrote that he let me hear until he called his son one of them. He still has a Dic * at the end of the day. Don't let your clothes go over your head.

An Instagrammer showed complete support for the family and wrote: "I am everything for love and support, but he is not even his first mother." Wait for it to come in the box for the first time. He will throw away all paragraphs and press & # 39; s. 😂 ’

Another commentator said: "Talk to them. You are not giving up your duty or responsibility regarding the role God has blessed you with because your child is not what you want. Teach them Wade ’’


What is your opinion on Wade's parenting?

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