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The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has kept even the most seasoned traveler at home or in a secure environment abroad. With most countries introducing travel restrictions, and even domestic travel is often discouraged, it is difficult to take pictures outdoors or take videos in an environment. However, there are ways to still enjoy your travel photography and videography and keep up with the creative process. We have made a list of things you can do to continue enjoying your memories of previous trips.

Create a Flickr account

With around 100 million members worldwide, Flickr is one of the best-known photos on which websites are hosted. As an enthusiast or professional photographer, you can create an account and upload a maximum of 1000 photos. You can also choose Flickr Pro, which allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos for an annual price of $ 50.

Flickr is an excellent platform for making your work known for several reasons. You can join a variety of groups. Groups of people who take photos with the same camera, lens, motifs, etc. By uploading your recordings to these groups, many members will see your photos. They can follow you and enable you to become part of a community, as well as get feedback on your work. You can also use tags on Flickr to increase the visibility of your images. For even more inspiration, you can save pictures of other photographers in your favorites list.

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Huub has been traveling around the world as a digital nomad since the beginning of 2018 while working as a travel writer. His passion for travel is shaped by contacting locals and looking for different landscapes. Always accompanied by his favorite travel companions: a camera and a notebook. [Read full bio]

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