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Rihanna shared her first selfie in 2020 and seemed to have a slight blemish on her makeup-free face. She had the ultimate answer when a fan asked if he could "pop" her supposed pimple.

Even the most beautiful faces are not immune to blemishes. Rihanna has proven that she showed her first Instagram selfie from 2020, without makeup, but still looked so stunning. However, a user named Cheeetum noticed the red dot on her lower right cheek and thought the blemish was a pimple. Not only that, he had the courage to ask RiRi if he could pop it. Instead of getting pissed off or simply ignoring the comment, Rihanna replied and said to Cheeetum, “Let her shine. SORRY. “Amen to this !!!

Comments from Celebs captured the comment that was buried deep in Rihanna's original selfie post on her Instagram page, where she shared the photo titled "First Selfie of the Year". # 2020. “Within half an hour it already had over a million likes from fans who found it looked so incredibly beautiful and fresh.

RiRi held her long dark braids over her head to bring out the natural glow of her face in the photo where she showed a slight smile. The 31-year-old sat in a simple black hoodie and was eaten up by friends and fans. Model / Actress Buddy Cara Delevingne wrote: "Miss this face." Fan themeximimi said to her: "@badgalriri I love that you posted this picture! Natural pimples n ❤️❤️. "User premadonna87 added:" It is 2020 and you look like 20 ❤️❤️🔥🔥 enty inn sk fans fans .. Adding adding … "has not yet started.

But others noticed the pimple, and some even used it to alert them that they still haven't released their long-awaited new album R9, which will be their first since 2016. A cruel user named waladshami commented: “Really brave of you to post a selfie and no link to the album. You deserve that pimple 😂 ”while Badririnavy complained,“ The fact that the pimple heard the album and we didn't. "But user t_russ27 had RiRis back and wrote:" No makeup and big pimples and such. @badgalriri still f ** kin BAD! 😍 ♥ ️. "


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