Chanel West Coast Unloads On Her Followers Not Liking Her Images On Instagram—“I’m Liking Your S**t And You By no means Wanna Like My S**t”


#Roommates, from nowhere Chanel West Coast absolutely unloaded on her Instagram followers. If you're wondering what would make someone beat up their own followers – well, it's because they don't like Chanel's photos as much as she likes hers. All right then.

Chanel West Coast posted a video this morning while driving, challenging her Instagram followers for not showing love for what she posts with the same speed that she posts to them is doing. Not only was she a little upset, she also seemed angry and didn't hold back her mind.

She had to say the following:

“Something I realized is this being. A friendly person will let fewer people fuck with you. I am the friendliest mother ever. I only like people, I like everyone. If you give me no reason not to like you, I will like you. And if I follow you, I like your pictures, unless it's a really ugly bad picture, then maybe I don't like it. For the most part, I like it like everyone else. And nobody likes my s ** t! "

Chanel West Coast went on to add more insults to her:

" B ** ch, I am famous for the King. One million episodes on TV and you have far fewer followers than I. I like your s ** t and you never want to like my s ** t? Like, who the hell do you think you are? Do you think I'm desperate because I'm kind and like your s ** t? Is nobody desperate? I'm just nice, so it would be nice if you could be nice again. “

No wonder Chanel was absolutely drawn into social media for her comments, with many pointing out how trivial“ likes ”are when it comes to bigger things going on in the world ,

Roommate, what do you think?

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